Charité Campus Mitte, Neurological Clinic, Bonhoeffer Weg 3,
Seminar Room 3 (1st floor)
Schumannstr. 20/21
10117 Berlin

Jan 04, 2006 03:00 PM
Please note that this talk has already ended.

Waves on Wires - Introduction to Interference Networks

Gerd Heinz, Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Informatik e.V., Berlin


Applying physical parameters, like velocity, spike-like time functions and spherical arrangements to neural (weight- or pattern-) networks, they change their properties in a fundamental way. We call them interference networks (IN). Input locations appear mirrored on the output field - a known phenomenon from bio-medical researches. Adjacent neurons cannot excite one another, nets have to be cleaned before they work, slowness increases memorized capacity and location sensitivity and learning occurs on defined points only. Even elementary functions of neurons change. In this new world everything changes. The behaviour of such nets covers properties of known nerve experiments, like Singers synchronization, Penfields "Homunculus", the zoom lens of visual attention, pain, auditory maps or somato-topic maps. New questions appear. By physical means IN appear as genus over code- and frequency- selective and projective networks. Possible applications range from optical lens systems, acoustic imaging, digital filters, frequency maps, antenna pattern up to classic neural nets (as a special class of time-restricted networks). Investigations of IN can help to define possible directions of experimental research. As an illustration how somatotopic cards work, years before I created the Acoustic Camera technology, which got different awards within Germany.

Organized by Andreas Herz