Acoustic Films
between 1997 and 2004

Between 1996 and 1999 the overlay of (optical) photo and acoustic map occured manualy with graphic tools. The array included a centered laser-pointer giving the direction of negative z-axis (right hand rule). Beginning in 1999, acoustic photos and films were produced with automatic image overlay (USB-camera within the microphone-array). 2000 it became possible to overlay acoustic film and video film automaticaly with the so called "live preview". But live preview could not store the files. After 2005 it became possible, to produce acoustic movies on optical films and to save the files.

Fig.1: Needle-printer noise mapped on a photo, 1997

Fig.2: Helicopter Noise with the "Virtual Microphone" mapped on a photo, 11/2000

Fig.3: The wavefield (with 48.000 img/sec) of the calibration-test "clicker" appears time-inverse caused by interference reconstruction, 12/2000

Fig.4: Moneysorter noise recorded at different locations with "Virtual Microphone". Behind each pixel lays the reconstructed time-function, 02/2001

Fig.5: Noise sources at a giant excavator with a noise reflection at the ground, 04/2002

Fig.6: Windpower emission from far distance with "Virtual Microphone" mapped on a photo, 05/2002

Fig.7: Airplane noise at Berlin-Tegel (TXL) mapped in slow-motion on a photo, 11/2002

Fig.8: Airplane noise at Berlin-Tegel (TXL) mapped in slow-motion on a photo, 11/2002

Fig.9: "Virtual Microphone" at a sewing machine, 01/2003

Fig.10: Noise-emission of a stationary Diesel-engine, 07/2003

Fig.11: Water ripples into a sink, 07/2003

Fig.12: Violins-duett in Annaberg with the "Virtual Microphone", 01/2004. In 3sat hitec, Sonntag, 14.03.2004, "Schall - Klang der Welt" - Ein Film von André Rehse

Fig.13: Noise reflection of a vacuum-cleaner for ARD Ratgeber Bauen & Wohnen, 02/2004

Fig.14: Gunnar and Heidi at SAE-World-Congress in Detroit recorded with the "Virtual Microphone", 02/2004

Fig.15: Motor run-up of an Italian sports-car (Maserati), Acoustic Camera demo in the Ferrari factory Maranello 25/10/2004. We see the direct and the ground-mirroring noise.

Find details and descriptions about first acoustic photos and films here.


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