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Early Milestones of Interference Networks

First Investigations

After the idea of interference networks for nerve-systems was born in 1992, we found, that it is not possible to get data from nerve system in high quality. So a simple application of an interference network should demonstrate the ability to make acoustic images. For first acoustic experiments, microphones were connected to our EEG-data recorder. And our software "BioInterface" produced first acoustic images. After we got the first image, we found out, that worldwide hundreds of acoustic institutes work in this field...

Acoustic Photo- and Cinematography

Early documents of the birthplace of a new technology: Acoustic Photo- and Cinematography came into beeing. Far away from mainstream of acoustic research this 'funny' application should 1994 demonstrate, how interference nets can project images (with inversive time or with non-causal, negative delays).

  • Time table of first acoustic images and films of the GFaI-team (german)
  • 1994/08 First standing* acoustic image and 1996/06 first wavefield movie (english)
  • 1996/08 First film and first images over far distances (200 Meter) (english)
  • 1996/10 First industry attempt - Letter labeling machine (english)
  • 1997/01 First image of a noise reflection (english)
  • 1997/01 Car: Silencer or engine? (english)
  • 1997/07 Dot matrix printer (film) (german)
  • 1997/09 Images and movies of a Motorbike (german)
  • 1997/10 Low noise of refrigerators (german)
  • 1997/10 Video-Recorder (english)
  • 1998/01 Aluminium roller plant (german)
  • 1998/02 Master class violin (english)
  • 1998/05 Berliner U-Bahn (german)
  • 1998/07 Linescan of Trams in Berlin (german)
  • 1998/07 Linescans of driving cars (german)
  • 1998/08 Power drill (german)
  • 1999/02 Stationary diesel engine (german)
  • 1999/07 Auto-overlay between photo, acoustic film and spectral analysis- Electrical toothbrush (german)
  • 2002/11 Flying airplains in Berlin-Tegel (german)

  • Two stories about acoustic imaging (english)

  • * The first line scan of a moving object was published by Brühl, S. and Schmitz, K.-P.: Noise Source Localization on Highspeed Trains (Transrapid) using Different Array Types. Internoise, Leuven, Belgium, August 24-26, 1993.

    Nerve system as Wave Interference Network (historic pages)

    How to understand holomorphic brain projections? Simulations of interference nets in nerve like parametrisation show well known phaenomena: mirrored maps, bursts, conjunction, zooming, movement, pain overflow or dermal projections (somatotopy). We simulate the homunculus and we find ideas for imagination and holomorphy.
    Is it coincidence or providence?

    Interference models of nerve nets

  • Pulsinterferenzen im Nervensystem - NI93 (german)
  • Overview about Interference Integral properties (german, english)
  • Bio-models for nerve nets (german, english)
  • Burst Calculus (german)
  • Basic Functions of Neuron (german)
  • Homunculus Model (german)
  • Chiasma Opticum (german)
  • Pulse Parameters (german)
  • Thumb Experiment (german)
  • Konishi/Jeffress Circuits (german/english)
  • Properties of Interference Systems (german)
  • Was sind Interferenzschaltungen? (german)
  • Interference or Pool of Neurons? (english)
  • Interferencial EEG- Experiments (german)
  • Variation of background velocity in EEG-reconstruction (german)
  • Investigations about Interference Integral (IČ) Properties

  • Intro and overview (german, english)
  • IČ: First interference projection 1994 (german)
  • IČ: Zoom (german)
  • IČ: Movement (german)
  • IČ: Holomorphy (german)
  • IČ: Permutation (german)
  • IČ: Conjugation (german)
  • IČ: Mirrored maps (german)
  • IČ: Spatio-temporal maps (german)
  • IČ: Overconditioning (german)
  • IČ: Inseparableness (german)
  • IČ: Pain-hypothesis in simulation (german)
  • IČ: Sharpness of projections (german)
  • IČ: Proj. into inhomogenous spaces (english)
  • IČ- Wave field simulations

  • Interference wave field simulation (german/ english)
  • Reconstruction, G, 30 Chnl (german)
  • Reconstruction, S, 4 Chnl (german)
  • Delusive Projection, S, 4 Chnl (german)
  • Reconstruction, S, 16 Chnl (german)
  • Reconstruction, GFaI, 4 Chnl (german)
  • Reconstruction, GFaI, 30 Chnl (german)

  • Special pages

  • Exploring waves at living animals - Andrews Squid experiments 1995 (english)
  • Electrostatic mapping of heart-EKG (german)
  • Interferencial EEG- experiments (german)
  • Variation of background velocity in EEG-reconstruction (german)

  • Historic hardware and software for acoustics, nerves and simulations

  • First sold 32 chl. Acoustic Cameras 2001-2002 (german)
  • Overview 16 chl. Acoustic Camera 1999 (german)
  • Flyer 16 chl. Acoustic Camera reflexive 1999 (german)
  • Flyer 16 chl. Acoustic Camera transparent 1999 (german)
  • Flyer Acoustic Camera 1999 (german)
  • 8- and 16-Channel Recorders (english)
  • History and Idea of Mirrored Maps (english)
  • PSI-Tools Description GUI (german)
  • PSI-Tools Function (english)
  • PSI-Tools Overview (german)
  • PSI-Tools Helpfiles 3.12.1997 (german), 16.6.1998 (german)
  • Download PSI-Tools (Zip-Archive 520 kB)
  • How to install? (english)
  • Thanks (german)

  • Related Links

  • Acoustic Camera Homepage
  • GFaI Heinz

  • Sources

    * Heinz, G.: "Akustische Photographie", KI-Kolloquien Prof. Hamann, 5.11.1997, 17.00 Uhr, TFH Berlin-Wedding, Haus Bauwesen, Raum D-234
    ** Hamilton, W.R.: Theory of Systems of Rays. Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, volume 15 (1828), pp. 69-174

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